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Odoo Experience 2018   

(3-5 Oct, 2018)


¿Por qué Odoo es diferente?

It is fully integrated and cover all the needs and processes of your company, even the most complex ones. Its flexibility allows adding apps one at a time, whenever your company needs it. There is a specific app for every need.

It is an open source community with a large developer base. Therefore, Odoo apps are the most current and innovative in the market.

The user experience is fluid and simple in order to ensure a natural and fast adaptation to the system. The integrated Odoo Apps make 3 million users happy. Do you want to be one of them?

Texto de Odoo y bloque de imagen
Imagen de Odoo y bloque de texto

¿Por qué Nubistalia es el mejor partner?

We are a recognized Odoo partner. We have a long and successful experience working with enterprise software, we have clients in Europe and Latin America, offering a comprehensive implementation service.

We start by analyzing our client's needs and then delivering a solution approach, technical training, planning and support when the project kicks off.

You can count on our technical team to make modifications and customizations to ensure a correct implementation, the appropriate apps for the client’s needs, and with technical support when necessary.

The main premises of our projects are simplicity, speed and at the lowest possible cost.

Productos y servicios ofrecidos por Nubistalia

Odoo OnDemand

(SaaS Plans) 

From 99

sin límite de usuarios
servidor dedicado/no compartido*
  • ¿En qué consiste? Contrata el software estándar de Odoo sin servicios profesionales de Nubistalia. Si necesita servicios profesionales para un proyecto llave en mano, contrate Odoo Express.

  • *El servidor dedicado para cada cliente de Nubistalia le da la posibilidad de realizar desarrollos para adaptar el software de Odoo a las necesidades de su empresa, además de utilizar módulos de otros partners, la comunidad, etc. Atención¡¡ Si contrata recursos compartidos (multi-tenant) no podrán modificarle la funcionalidad estándar de los módulos oficiales de Odoo.

  • What includes?:   

    •  SaaS Model (Software as a Service), includes the complete technical management of the system:
       maintenance services and system upgrading.
       data backups and recovery procedures in case of system failures.
       monitoring systems and performance adjustments.
       available 99.9% online (without system failures)

    •  Initial implementation of Odoo v11 

    •  Includes the following apps:
      - official
      - localization (Spain)

      - Oca (Odoo Community Association) 

  • How much do you have to pay? Monthly or yearly payment according to the OnDemand plan selected.

  • No down or one time payment. (Ver infographic)

Odoo Express

(Odoo Customized) 


sin límite de usuarios
servidor dedicado/no compartido
  • Special offer: 2.000€, when signing for  OnDemand Pro for a year!

  • Description: Nubistalia will provide customization services such as data import, inicial training and app configuration. Once the customization has been done you will select the monthly OnDemand plan (depending on your data or resources needs) best suited for your organization.

  • What includes?:   

    •  Alta y Configuración de Odoo v11

    •  Initial implementation of
      the localizatión (Spain)

      Odoo CMS- Imagen simple flotante
    •  Initial implementation of standard apps:

    • Accounting

  • Servicios profesionales:

    •  Initial training

    •  Data merger/import.   

    •  Functional support during the first month

  • How much do you have to pay? You make a one time payment of 3.5000 € and then you select the monthly OnDemand plan depending on the resources that your company needs. Attention, good news: The monthly payments start when the system becomes operational.

  • One Time Payment                 +             Monthly fee

   3.500  Start:

Pro: 149 

Pro 2x: 199 

Enterprise: 329 

Odoo Express eCommerce

(Odoo Customized and Online Store) 


sin límite de usuarios
servidor dedicado/no compartido
  • Special offer:  3.500€, when signing for OnDemand Pro for a year!  

  • Description: This is Odoo Express, which is Odoo software customized by Nubistali + online store or web site design.

  • What includes?:   

    • Website or online store design and customization with Odoo

    • Odoo Express

  • How much do you have to pay? You make a one time payment (4.500 €) and then you select the monthly OnDemand plan more appropriate for your company needs. infographic)

50,000 + companies are run by Odoo

Unleash your growth potential with Nubistalia and Odoo