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Odoo is the best management software to run a business, specially suited for small and medium organizations.

Millions of happy users work better with Odoo integrated Apps. There is one App for each need. With 10.000 + Apps, Odoo covers all your business needs in one-stop solution: no more interfaces between different software is required. Nubistalia SpA is a ready Odoo partner and has a long experience implementing Odoo in Chile. You can place full confidence in us and enjoy the advantages that Odoo will provide to your company.

Características de Odoo



Multi-business, multi-language and multi-currency. From any device connected to Internet.


Available in more than 15 languages.


The code is open source. The client can choose among all the partners that sell Odoo services, and change to another one at any time.


Is the most powerful and customizable business application in the market.


There are more than 500 modules. Many of them have been created for specific industries, and are fully customizable.


Just use the modules and support that your company needs.

Sistema de Gestión Empresarial Integrado

It covers all the processes within a company, for example:

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¿Why does your organization need an ERP?

The main goal of an ERP is to provide integrated information about all the processes and departments of the organization. 

The advantages of an ERP are:

  • It allows agile business processes thanks to the ability to obtain information and process it.

  • It allows to reduce costs and life span of processes.

  • It provides a unified company vision, common to all departments and workers.

  • It provides reliable información.

  • Facilitates the process of sharing information among all company employees.

  • It eliminates the posible duplicity of data and operations.

  • It makes possible to exchange data with other computer programs used in the company.

The correct implementation of an ERP involves radical increases in productivity as well as the possibility of having better information for decision making. The implementation of an ERP should bring radical improvements to the organization.

Do you still have doubts about whether your company needs an ERP? This  interactive quiz will help you get the answer. 

+ de 50.000 empresas usan Odoo para crecer sus negocios.

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